How does the artificial grass compare to a real grass lawn?

Any grass lover will make you aware that in order to maintain natural grass you will need lots of skill, experience, time, money, materials and equipment. With fairlawns artificial grass range your garden requires very little maintenance. This ensures that your time is spent relaxing and not on maintaining your garden.


Do you offer a supply and installation service?



Do grasses require sand in them?

Most of our grasses are deisgned to be simply rolled out and fixed. We do recommend sand infill as it adds the weight to keep any areas of the grass without fixings in place and we do this as standard  on all of our installations.

The sand adds extra security to the pile helping it to stay upright. We can add an oduour neutralising infill should you have pets to prevent any unwanted odours in the hotter months



What about the size and shape of my garden?

The grass comes in 4m rolls, 2m roll widths and 5m roll widths on certain grass ranges by whatever length you require up to 25m.

It is your responsibilty to measure the length and width of the garden to calculate what roll width and length you require.



What about maintenance?

Our garden grass is virtually maintenance free, you just need to remove debris and leaves to maintain and enjoy a beautiful garden for many years. Cleaning can be achieved with a brush or leaf blower. You never need to water, mow or roll your garden just sits there and serves you!


What is the lifetime of the synthetic surface?

A well maintained surface could last well over 20 years.


How does water affect the grass?

The grass has a holed backing allowing water to drain straight through. Rain water naturally cleans the grass and removes any accumulation of dust and dirt. Any previous drainage issues should be disgussed with your installer to ensure this problem re-occuring once the grass has been installed.


What are the various applications?

Children’s play surfaces, Mini back garden football/lawn surfaces. Landscaping and garden projects. Pet friendly surfaces, inside and surrounding conservatories, surrounding water features, swimming pools and hot tubs, for pathways, events, filming, stage shows and exhibitions and many, many more applications.


How long will it last?

As with all outdoor surfaces if its looked after it will last.

The grass we use has a U.V 10 year  guarantee.


Is any weeding required after installation?

Not if you correctly lay the base as any growth should be killed beforehand.


Can artificiai grass be used as a pathway surface in a garden?

Absolutely, Synthetic grass can be used alongside natural grass to take care of a problematic part of the garden.


Can pests interfere and cause problems?

If you have moles, burrows, rabbit holes or ant nests, these should all be remove before proceding with any artificial grass lawn installation. We cannot offer futher advice so you should consult a pest control specialist.



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