Benefits of Artificial Grass and is it for me?

Check out just some of the Benefits of an Artificial Turf Installation


Low Maintenance Garden

The benefits of installing an artificial grass lawn in your garden are plentiful. Unlike natural grass fake grass doesn’t require much maintenance. Maintenance requirements will be a rinse down to remove dust, a periodic brushing to keep the pile upright and raking large debris off such as leaves or branches. Alongside the little maintenance needed the best part of artificial grass is that it doesn’t grow. An artificial lawn will look great in any garden or outdoor living space all year round no matter what the climate or season.


No Mess


Synthetic grass installed by Fairlawns Artificial Grass is much easier to maintain in comparison to real grass as there is no mowing, which means no mess resulting in no hard work to get it looking nice again simply sit back and enjoy your garden. Does this sound good to you? Plastic grass has perforated drainage holes to allow water drain away naturally very easily. 



No Mowing

The worry of keeping your lawns in trim making sure they look clean and tidy will be a thing of the past.

You can get sell your old lawn mower as it is no longer required.


Save Water

Watering the garden lawn is a thing of the past. This is a huge plus in areas where water meters are fitted and the water rates are rising saving water and bills



Child and Pet Friendly

Artificial lawns are perfect for family gardens where children are playing avoiding muddy footprints when they come back in from the outdoors also its great where pets in primarily dogs are concerned it can be infilled with a mineral that aids with the smell of the urine.


Environmentally Friendly

Artificial grass is also beneficial for the environment as harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides aren’t needed. Another environmental benefit is that there less pollutants and carbon emissions from petrol powered tools like lawn mowers and strimmer's as they are no longer required.  


Perfect for Playground Surfaces and Play areas



Artificial turf installation can give you the perfect lawn with a natural look and feel forever green all year round


How much does Artificial Grass Cost?

Artificial Grass may not be as expensive as you think!

Many people think that artificial grass is very expensive but when you consider the following its a no brainer.

Lets say for example you currently have a regular real lawn. On average you will be paying a gardener around £40 per month to keep it in good shape or you will be doing it yourself.

So over 8-12 months depending on your gardener is around £320-£480 per year.

Over 5 years £1600-£2400 on keeping your garden tidy alone. Alternativley if you are maintaining it yourself you will be spending at the very least an hour a month mowing, raking, sweeping the mess up.

So again over 5 years this example works out to 2 and a half days out of your life!! 

Save time and money Contact Us for your hassle free artificial grass installation in your garden.


Quality is a key factor when choosing Artificial turf. We beleive we have the Best Artificial Grass in the west midlands, carefully handpicked and put together by genuine customers over a period of around 6 months. We are indepenant importers, suppliers and installers of premium quality grasses.

Forever green, clean and tidy all year round ultimately giving you more time to kick back and relax

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